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Terareum NFT exchange

ERC-721 Exchange

Trade and launch new non-fungible tokens in our marketplace.

Buy and sell exclusive digital items and merchandise.

Terareum NFT exchange Phase-2. The Nft's displayed are not privately owned by the team. They are displayed for illustration purposes only. If you require further information. Please feel free to contact us via support@terareum.com

About Us

Our Mission

Our primary focus is to provide our users a secured gateway to expand the access of money globally through cryptocurrency.

Milton John

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Former Boeing 737 pilot and Co-founder at Scale

Dr. Ramana Dharmisetty

Co - Founder & CFO

MBBS (MD) and Founder at DVMEC Educational Institution

Dr. Wilman Olmedo

Senior Advisor

Interventional Cardiologist (MD) & Real Estate Entrepreneur

Dr. Praveen Buddiga

Senior Advisor

Physician / Scientist / Professor & Founder - BUDDIGA Family

Our Executive team & early contributor's

Milton JohnFounder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ramana DharmisettyCo - Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Sarah RayannChief People Officer

Nicola StewartUX Design

Sebastian HudnallTechnology

Arun VenkatramanTechnology


We are building a centralized exchange.

Terareum team believes in a simple ideology. More holders contribute to higher growth. Our marketing team will be working on this specific task throughout Phase - 1 - 2 - 3 by reaching out to all major exchanges. Our goal is to reach 100,000 holders by the end of Q3 2022. This branding technique will help us establish a solid foundation in the crypto industry.

Phase 1

Terareum launch
Terareum.com launch
Official twitter account
Team doxing
Terareum LLC registered
White Paper
Contract deployment
Twitter space 22 Jan 2022
ICO Pre - Sale Round
Token Launch - Uniswap
CoinGecko Listing

Phase 2

Coin Market Cap Listing
Certik.io Audit
10,000 Holder Milestone Burn - 1 Quad
Terareum.io launch
1000 + Organic Follow Twitter / Telegram
Advertise in Global Crypto platforms
Listing on Top 50 CEX
Terapool.io Launch
Tera App Launch
50,000 Holder Milestone Burn - 1 Quad

Phase 3

100,000 Holder Milestone Burn - 1.5 Quad
Top 5 Exchange Listing
Google Pay & Apple Pay Integration
Tera NFT Exchange
Tera-Chain ( Blockchain 2023 Q2)
Global Tera Expo 🔒

Phase 4

Exploring metaverse 🔒

The Dynamics

Taxes are distributed as follows

Terareum is a ERC-20 token with deflationary dynamics. 9% taxes are applicable during buy or sell of the token

3% Burn

Terareum is a deflationary ERC-20 token designed to burn 3% every transaction. These tokens are sent to a blackhole address (Dead wallet) by default during every transaction. Progressively reducing the total amount of Terareum in circulation.

3% Rewards

Terareum provides a great source of passive income to its investor's. Investor's receive 3% rewards on every transaction for holding terareum token in their wallet. Sit back and watch your balance grow automatically.

3% Marketing

Marketing & Developmental are the backbone of every token. The department receives 3% of every transaction that will be used to funding advertisements, liquidity for exchanges, To supply resources required for the Development and Blockchain Team.

Liquidity 75% Locked

51% of tokens will be burned and the deflationary feature included in the token will burn more tokens every transaction. Liquidity will be locked on Uniswap for 1 year.


Total Supply : TERA

Burned : TERA

Liquidity Pool (LP) : TERA

ICO Pre-Sale : TERA

Private Air Drop : TERA

Marketing & Development : TERA

Reserve : 8.500. TERA

Terareum LLC : 2.500. TERA

Important : The Terareum LLC - 2.5 Quadrillion team tokens has been vested for a period of over 1 year at Team by Trustswap.


How can we help you ?


Terareum LLC - Wyoming, USA

Terareum Digital India Services Private Limited. - TN, India

Terareum is a centralized multifunctional web3 exchange for desktop, ios and android applications. Terareum exchange provides users with Deep encryption, Multi-layer security and a transparent platform to trade, swap, buy and sell crypto currency.

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Terareum Uniswap launch ( TERA )Certik Audit in progressExchange Listings in Progress



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